The Sweet Plan For a Fashion Week

Fashion and music go together, no doubt about that; but fashion and sweets? I work in an event organising company. One of our latest projects is the organisation and management of the major fashion show in the country. It’s the first fashion week of the year and it must to make a big bang in the industry. Not only will the best of the best will be there but it will also be covered by the leading media companies. It will also be printed in primary fashion magazines. Simply put, it will be under the scrutiny of the top fashion experts and the people. There was a lot of pressure for us, but you know what, we pulled it off thanks to sweet hampers.

When the client talked to us, they said they want something unique. They want something that people haven’t seen yet in a fashion week. They want something that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people especially by the attendees. On top of that, they want something that is generic enough and can adapt to all the fashion designers that will showcase their creations in the show. My boss immediately suggested a motif for the show – Fashion Lust, Irresistible Indulgence. Indeed it was catchy then the client threw the question how – through using sweet hampers, my boss exclaimed.

Then my boss elaborated on his idea. The show will have three major areas within the venue – the runway, the cocktail area, and the audience area. All of these areas will be decorated with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired elements. The key is to use as many edible materials as possible. Moreover, the entire place must also bear the smell of chocolates, candies, sweets, and sweet hampers must be everywhere.

Convinced with a rather distinct idea, the client agreed to go with my boss’ plan. In no time I was assigned to find a supplier for the sweet hampers. I went from candy shop to candy shop just to find the most appropriate sweets to be used for the fashion week. I must admit that it wasn’t easy. Most of the candy shops that I’ve been to have different assortment in their sweet hampers but the choices of sweets included in them are rather too childish to be considered for the show.

I finally settled with one supplier that allows customisation of sweet hampers. I bought some to be used for the preparation of the venue. These ones will be used as the decoration and whatnot. I also bought some to be used as giveaways, and some to be used for the cocktail area. We also hired the best pastry and sweets chef we could find.